by Jonathan Williams
Photos courtesy of DDP
From the March 2006 issue of Prick Magazine.

DDP's tattoos are by "Whirlwind" Walt Clark. Photos by Evil Jim. Yoga For Regular Guys cover.

The cold slumber of winter is coming to an end and many of us are actually considering making good on our New Year's resolutions to get in shape for the warmer months that lie ahead. And this year, help comes from a somewhat unlikely source.

Former heavyweight champion wrestler Diamond Dallas Page has created a new workout intended to help any schlub lose flab, tone muscle and live an overall healthier lifestyle. And the whole thing is centered on yoga. That's right, even tattooed tough guys like DDP are doing yoga these days, but his brand doesn't include getting in touch with your inner self through meditative techniques. Instead, Page encourages guys to change their bad habits not only because it's healthier for them, but also because there will be plenty of "yoga-babes" to check out from the back row of yoga class.

With the help of ex-wife Kimberly and "yoga-doc" Dr. Craig Aaron (the two people who turned him onto yoga after a back injury that nearly ended his career), Page recently released Yoga for Regular Guys, a book that includes three different workouts to help ease you into the routine. Pictures of toned babes and guys who look like they've never even heard of yoga demonstrating the moves accompany each workout. It also has information on proper breathing, stretching, eating, and overall lifestyle changes, as well as inspirational stories of how Page's workout has changed the lives of different people.

Rob Zombie an DDP on the set of
The Devil's Rejects.

And if you thought a professional wrestler turned yogi was a bit of a stretch, the forward by metal musician and horror film director Rob Zombie will come as an even bigger surprise. In fact, it was DDP's yoga lessons that led to him being cast as Billy Ray Snapper in Zombie's The Devil's Rejects.

"That's how I got the role," says Page. "He saw what a character I was. He was just trying something different to get in shape. As his body started changing, he loved saying he was doing yoga. We're two of the guys that would be the antithesis of who you would think would ever do it.

"So one day," he continues, "we were working out and he goes, 'Listen, I wrote a part for you in Rejects. It's not a big part, but it's a fun part and you could do it standing on your head.' It was great for me because people got to see me look totally different and the character wasn't a real stretch, but it wasn't Diamond Dallas Page."

That movie also helped Page land a few more acting gigs and he has five movies scheduled for release this year.

"I ended up having this one huge break with a movie called Splinter," he says, "which is really sort of like a Se7en serial killer thing meets the hood, but not the black hood, the Hispanic hood. Which opens to another film I ended up getting, which was Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror, which I really got after I got this movie called Driftwood, a killer drama piece that's got a kind of sci-fi supernatural thriller [edge] to it. Jack's Law is another one I did that's sort of like Death Wish. I'm the head heal who does some really vicious fucking shit with a comedic flair at times."

Photos by Evil Jim.

While he enjoys acting, DDP is focusing most of his time on YRG. With a series of seven YRG DVDs being filmed this month and even his own workout clothing line available on his Web site, the book has become just a part of a program that encourages an overall change in mindset. And he's already working on his next book, Life At 90%, based on his motivational speaking engagements about how to "turn negatives into positives as you’re overcoming adversity."

"What's more important to me than anything is YRG because that's where I'm going to leave my mark," he says. "It's the kind of workout that if you can bend over to pick up your keys or reach up to change a light bulb you can do the workout. To look the way I look at 50 is one thing, but going through how I beat the fuck out myself between 35 and 50 and still to have the flexibility and strength I have, that's the key. I want to make 50 the new 35. That's what YRG is all about, holding back the hands of time."

And because of his workout habits, Page says he is now able to do things he has never been able to do previously.

"From holding my foot out on one side while standing on the other to going into a crow position where you put your knees up on your elbows and take it into a handstand," he says. "That was my goal – at 50 years old, I'm going to stand on my hands – and I got it four months early. I just did it for the first time three months ago and I was like, 'Damn! I got it.' Now [my goal is] at 51 to walk on my hands."

Considering that he spent his early adult life in the bar business and didn’t start wrestling until he was 35, DDP has definitely come a long way from the rough-and-tumble gambler portrayed in his tattoos. But he says he is still "pretty much the same guy. I've just grown and gotten a little smarter, not much, but a little bit."

"Really they're all things people say are unlucky and I like to go the other way with that," he says of the ink on his left arm. "I wanted to have the black cat, its got the lucky 13 in there (it's funny because my ex-wife's initials are in that and our marriage lasted 13 years), it's got the dead man's hand above it, I've got the flaming dice in the back.

"On the right arm tattoo," he continues, "it's a caricature sort of of me because on his left arm, that wild-eyed wolf has got the same tattoo that I have on my left arm. He's also got a martini glass behind him because I grew up in the bar business, and he's got the same star on his right pec that I never covered up, I always left that alone. He's smoking a cigar and he's got the money sign in his eyes, blackjack on his hat, and he's just the wild motherfucker that I can be."

Diamond Dallas Page will be appearing at the World Wrestling Legends' 6:05 – The Reunion event at the Hard Rock Live in Orlando, Fla. on March 5. He will also be signing his book at the Waterford Lakes Barnes & Noble in Orlando on March 6.

For more information, go to www.diamonddallaspage.com or www.quirkbooks.com.

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