by Jonathan Williams & Chuck B.
Photos by Jonathan Williams & Chuck B.
From the May 2006 issue of Prick Magazine.

(L-R) Joey Hamilton, Chuck B. and Jen Dabbs talk about Chuck wanting to get
"Viva Las Vegas" tattooed on his butt cheek by Jen for Inked.

Hart & Huntington Tattoo Company is a one-of-a-kind tattoo studio. It is located inside the ultra-glam Palms casino resort in fabulous Las Vegas and owned by motocross legend Carey Hart. It is also the set of a popular reality TV show on A&E called Inked. The show has stirred up its share of controversy within the tattoo industry while simultaneously making tattooing more accessible to the general public.

Tattoos are more popular than ever thanks in no small part to shows like Inked and The Learning Channel's Miami Ink (with maybe some credit going to PRICK as well).

Whatever your opinion is about the show, Hart & Huntington is a functional high-end tattoo studio. Throngs of people line up to get tattooed everyday at the shop and more tattoos are cranked out of the studio than any other we have ever been in. It can be best described as like working at a busy tattoo convention everyday.

As mentioned last month, PRICK had the opportunity to go to Las Vegas in February to be a part of Inked. With all the effort that went into making the trip itself a reality, once we finally got on the plane on Feb. 23, everything seemed to fall right into place.

The in-flight movie was Walk The Line, which turned out to be the perfect movie for this trip. Not only was it about Johnny Cash achieving his dream of stardom, but there's even a scene where someone from his label suggests that he stage his comeback at the Tropicana, which, as fate would have it, was where we would be staying. After landing in Vegas, we found out the Tropicana might be demolished soon to make way for more modern casinos, making the trip seem that much more historic.

As we made our way through Sin City to Hart & Huntington, we soon realized that there's at least one thing in Vegas just as popular as gambling prostitution. While walking just a few blocks, we probably collected the entire set of 2006 cards featuring talented girls with names like Devi, Tia, Lucy Thai, and Heidi and Lola (a package deal).

Chuck B. getting tattooed by Joey Hamilton.
Joey Hamilton on the Inked set.

We stopped into the shop briefly and talked to Joey Hamilton, an old PRICK acquaintance who is now one of the newest members of the Hart & Huntington staff. The next morning, we stopped in again to meet up with fellow Atlantans Morgan Rose and John Connolly of Sevendust. The band was in town for a show that night at the House of Blues, but these two were able to make time in their busy schedule to get inked on Inked during the day. While that was going on, we headed over to a soundstage to meet Carey Hart himself. While Hart and other members of the Hart & Huntington staff were getting ready to film intros for the show, we were able to sit down with Hart for an interview about his tattoos and his shop.

From there, we rushed over to the House of Blues to see the Sevendust show. Although we arrived too late to see opening acts Wicked Wisdom and Socialburn, we got there just in time to see a great set by Nonpoint. We were also lucky enough to hang out backstage with members of all the bands just before Sevendust went on. Even with a little fresh ink, the band still put on a hell of a show for the sold-out audience.

(L-R) H&H receptionist Lily Flores, shop manager Mooch and receptionist Rose Dryden.

Jerome at work.


It was back to Hart & Huntington again the next day, but this time it was Chuck's turn to go under the needle. Just as the members of Sevendust had gotten tattoos in honor of their children the previous day, Chuck was getting a picture of his son tattooed on his side.

Getting tattooed by Hamilton was a long time coming. His work is incredible. We had the honor of being the first tattoo magazine to do a feature on Hamilton in one of our early issues, so it was cool not only get tattooed by him, but to do it on TV. The tattoo turned out perfect and looks just like little Dylan James.

It was Saturday night by the time the tattoo and filming process was over and we still hadn't really had a chance to cruise the strip and be tourists. Hamilton was nice enough to show us around a little before we headed back to Atlanta. But after being filmed for TV, hanging out with some cool people, getting tattooed, and dialing up a few of those escort services, not much of what happened in Vegas will actually stay in Vegas. Aside from reading about it here, you can catch us on the second season of Inked, which begins airing later this month.

Morgan Rose and John Connolly of Sevendust with Chuck B. and Josh Petty
of Hart & Huntington.

Josh Petty tattooing the neck of John Connolly of Sevendust.

(L-R) Aaron, Morgan Rose, and Lacey.
Lacey tattooing Morgan Rose of Sevendust.

(L-R) Inked cameraman, A&E field producer Max, and Chuck B.

Chuck B.'s son Dylan James tattoo by Joey Hamilton.

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