by Geoffrey Stephenson
Photos courtesy of Lucky Draw Tattoos
From the January 2006 issue of Prick Magazine.

The Lucky Draw Tattoos cew (l-r): Holly the counter girl, Earl, Travis Kelly, Phillip Duke, Chris Cooper.

Lucky Draw Tattoos opened its doors in 2003, after formerly being known as Lucky 13 for almost a decade. As Lucky 13 shut its doors, new owner Phillip Duke moved the old shop from Kennesaw, Ga. to its current location a few miles north in historic Acworth. Once there, Phillip fought his way through the bureaucracy, opened his own digs and changed the name to Lucky Draw Tattoos.

Phillip has been tattooing since 1977, when at the ripe old age of 13, he did his first tattoo on his neighborhood friends using some India ink and needles tied with thread. "My mom wanted to kick my ass - and so did my friends' moms and dads," he recalls with a laugh.

Phillip did his first tattoo with a machine four years later. "It was a homemade machine and the unicorn came out great," he adds.

Over the years, Phillip quickly became a highly talented and well-respected tattooer. He consistently creates quality work that keeps his customers happy, while still staying humble and appreciative. Phillip says he has "nothing but respect for the artists who've come before me, and the old-school cats that are still kicking deserve props from everyone."

He cites his influences as "mainly old-school cats like Tramp, Jack Rudy, Tony Olivas, Albee from Black Cat, Brian Everett, Gill Montie, Tom Painter, Painless Paul, Scotty, Mike Krango, Glen Schmidt, Tattoo Lou, and The Illustrator. Also newer impressive artists like DJ Minor, Deano Cook, Jason McCarty, Eric Merrill, Dave Fox, Cory Kruger, Joe Cap, Brandon Bond. I could name a lot more artists that deserve props but that list would never end."

A good family man, with three daughters and a beautiful wife that keep him busy, Phillip still enjoys finding some time to work on his collection of vintage hot rods and bikes.

Travis Kelly, Phillip Duke, Earl, Tim Ambrose.

Phillip has surrounded himself with a very talented crew at Lucky Draw. He describes his artists - Travis Kelly, Chris Cooper and Tim Ambrose – as "amazing individuals who come together as a team and brotherhood that's built on respect, learning and teaching."

Travis began tattooing in North Carolina back in 1996 and has worked all over Florida and Georgia until "finding his home" at Lucky Draw two years ago.

Chris has been working at Lucky Draw for over a year. He brings his unique, self-taught style of art, and he says he has "learned a lot from Phillip Duke and Travis Kelly, both great artists."

Tim did his formal tattoo apprenticeship under Crash at 3rd Eye Tattoo. After hopping around a few shops trying to find where he fit in, he landed at Lucky Draw almost a year ago. "I think I've found a good home here and have no plans on moving any time soon,” he says. “Doing badass tattoos, listening to rock 'n' roll – what else is there?"

Rounding out the crew is Earl "The Squirrel." Earl is described as the "shop bitch" until he finishes his tattoo apprenticeship.

As far as plans for 2006, Phillip will be opening Lucky Draw II, which will keep him "slammed for the year," he says. You can also catch the Lucky Draw crew at a couple of conventions this year.

When asked about giving any final words or shout-outs, Phillip replies, "I gotta give props to the people bringing this industry together as a brotherhood, like PRICK and the Art Intensity Network DVD magazine. Chuck Brank and Scott McCool, I want to thank you guys for all your hard work and dedication to the industry. I know you guys don't tattoo, but you guys are living it and doing everything you can to bring artists and the industry together as a whole."

Lucky Draw is a clean, professional and friendly shop with talented artists and a laid-back atmosphere. Next time you're in the area, stop in and check out their artwork and meet the crew.

Phillip Duke’s phat rides: two 1959 Ford panel trucks. The big Ford (left) is a ‘59 ratrod panel, 351 stocker with a C-6 trans. with shift kit. The ‘59 English Ford Angila (right) is a sleeper. It has a tube chassis that was built by Pat Mussi in 1974. It’s a Gasse drag that he drives on the street. Phillip also has a 1939 BMW 650cc with a sidecar (not pictured).

Lucky Draw Tattoos
4500 South Main Street
Acworth, GA 30101

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