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Posted by PRICK on August 1, 2012

Official Announcement from CHUCK B.
Regarding: PRICK Magazine print cycle.

For all those out there that have heard in the tattoo grapevine that I sold PRICK Magazine that is not the case. If I had, then there would be no need for this announcement:

It has been a long time coming, but I have some slightly sad news to announce. The only way that I can see possible to keep PRICK Magazine alive and filled with high quality content is to go to a quarterly print cycle.

Chuck B.
PRICK Magazine

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Posted by PRICK on June 1, 2012

We now offer our online readers the chance to view our complete print magazine every month. Click on the image above to view and download the FREE complete current issue of PRICK Magazine. Enjoy!

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Due to overwhelming demand, we are offering new distribution and subscription options for PRICK. Although the magazines are free to distribute, we are simply charging the miminal home delivery/convenience shipping and handling costs. The mag is free, unfortunately the postage isn't.

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Posted by PRICK

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