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From the January 2006 issue of Prick Magazine.

The Twisted Throttle Choppers crew (l-r): Jamie "Bubba" Camp, Mark "Gaucho" Green,
and "Tiki" Mike Robinson.

Arriving in the old town of Madison Ga., you feel like you have traveled back in time. You'd probably never think that right in the heart of all the old Victorian houses and neatly manicured lawns is the new location of Twisted Throttle Choppers.

General Sherman may have spared this town from flames in the Civil War, but these fellas are definitely here to start a fire of their own. When you enter the shop, there's no "have a nice day" with cheap smiles. Instead, Nine Pound Hammer is blaring over the speakers and everyone's workin' on bikes and personal projects.

Jamie "Bubba" Camp.
Mark at work.

Twisted Throttle is a full-service custom chop shop. The small, knowledgeable staff consists of owner Jamie "Bubba" Camp, Mark "Gaucho" Green and "Tiki" Mike Robinson. In between jobs, Mike is outside carvin' some wicked tikis with metal grinding tools, Mark is stripping anything he can get his hands on or workin' on his custom El Loco Leather seats, and Bubba's either rollin' out a tank or tryin' to get a poker game on. These Guys like to work and have fun at the same time and if you’re a customer it's not uncommon to hang out, have a beer and shoot the shit all day.

A lot of these customers come in with boring, run-of-the-mill stock Harleys, so these boys can take 'em in , strip 'em down and cool 'em out. So if you're gonna dig in and get a bike, consider letting the guys at Twisted Throttle custom build your dream bike before heading down to your local dealership for that cookie cutter shit.

Also keep your eyes on the Web site, 'cause these boys are gonna be throwin' some knock-down, drag-out parties in the early spring featuring rockin' bands, hot rods, bikes, wet T-shirt contests, tattooing, and a whole bunch more. Hell f#˘kin' yeah!

Twisted Throttle Choppers
1290 Eatonton Road
Madison, GA 30650

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