by Gabriel
Photos courtesy of Resonance
From the February 2004 issue of Prick Magazine.

Gabriel getting ink by Jon Clue with Anthony D'aiuto looking on.

Jon Clue and Anthony D'aiuto have established a premier studio in the little summer town of Center Moriches in Long Island, New York. The shop, tucked behind the main street corner, is not your average flash factory that everyone has come to expect to see in towns across the country. It's a unique art gallery and tattoo and piercing studio that offers custom work on a personal and spiritual level. Here, ideas come together in a relaxed environment where clients and artists are happy. There are no limitations, no style of tattooing or art that can't be achieved at Resonance, there is only you and the connection you'll have with your artist.

In the last year, I've come to know these guys pretty well and have forged some really great friendships with them. Before leaving the fold, and taking off on my own little tattooing tour of the countryside, I had the opportunity to sit down with Jon and Anthony and talk to them about what Resonance is all about.

Gabriel: How long have you two been friends?

Anthony: 16 years.

Jon: I met Ant when I was 13 or 14, when we were hanging out together at NY hardcore shows.

How did you come to open a shop together?

Jon: Well,I started tattooing in New York,and then I moved on to travel and tattoo in Chicago, Florida, and everywhere else between here and the West Coast. I worked in shops and in private studios, on my own, and I knew that I needed to open up a shop. New York was the right place to do it because my friends were here, and I knew I had people here. I belonged back in New York and I couldn't imagine opening up a shop with anyone who wasn't a friend, so Anthony was the perfect person.

So then, Anthony's your business partner and the shop manager?

Jon: Well, no, he's just my best friend, I fuckin love him. We don't have titles around here, this is just a cool place where everybody is their own boss, you know, everybody is just cool.

Gabriel: How long have you been tattooing?

Jon: 10 years.

Anthony: About a year and a half now...

So Anthony, Jon is teaching you to tattoo, right?

Jon: I'm not really teaching him, Ant's just doing his own thing, and I just help guide him along, making sure he's doing the right thing.

Anthony: I watch and I learn.

Jon: I don't really believe in the whole apprenticeship system, I think it's garbage. I think the only way to learn how to tattoo is to just put images on skin, and I'm there to help guide him in the right direction. I like to let him learn on his own, and he's getting good at it.

How long has Resonance been open now?

Anthony: It'll be two years this spring.

What do you guys see happening here in the shop in the future?

Anthony: Just hoping to grow, and personally, I hope to be a better artist and a better tattooer.

Jon: I'd like to see people come and get tattooed and leave with a smile ... that's all I can ask for.

So what should your clientele expect when they walk through the door?

Anthony: It's very loose here.

Jon: Yeah, it's a very loose atmosphere ... it's more chaotic than anything else.

Organized confusion?

Jon: Yeah, that's my whole thing, it's all about organized confusion, you know, nothing is ever really truly chaotic, though. There's order to every little bit of chaos.

Anthony: The overall vibe in the shop is like, well, it's like no other shop people have been to ... they say that we're really friendly and they are always comfortable. We just try to have a good time with everyone, and we have lots of repeat customers and word of mouth referrals because of who and how we are.

Jon: I can say that the best word that can be used to describe the shop is creative. It's a fun, happy place where kids can come play if they want to. You know, you can just do whatever here. We don't really have rules about what you can or cannot do. It's just a fun place where everyone can come and hang out, where everyone is accepted, no one is an outsider here, and everyone is down with the crew.

What does Resonance offer to the public other than tattooing?

Jon: Anything creative ... if anybody asks us to do anything that's creative, we can do it. We make music here, we make art here, I paint here, we do anything here that has to do with art. It's just out of coincidence that we tattoo here.

Any plans to expand the shop or branch out into other venues?

Jon: It's possible we might get out of this secret location, even though it's kind of cool where we are. It's a tough decision.

Anthony: We'd like to open a second shop, and keep this as our custom shop, who knows really, time will tell.

Can you talk a little about the Clue merchandise that we keep hearing tall tales about around here?

Jon: There's going to be stuff available like T-shirts, posters, mouse pads, coffee cups, clocks, stickers, and temporary tattoos.

Is there a website people can check out?

Jon: My website - - will be updated by next month, and also merchandise will be available at

As for future plans Jon, what direction would you like to see your future art take you in?

Jon: I want to make my movie.


Jon: No, not in the least bit, something very abstract ... just images that might convey a message or emotion, the way that I see things through my eyes, more than a story about myself.

And you, Anthony, do you know where you want to go with your tattooing career? What would you like to accomplish in this industry?

Anthony: I just want to make people happy, and I want to make my soul happy with the art that I'm doing. It's inspirational to me when I see my friends here tattooing, it gets me psyched up to see people growing, and I just want to grow myself.

Do you have a favorite thing you like to tattoo?

Anthony: I like Celtic work ... the challenge of the lines, and the fun I have with the shading and coloring to make everything pop out.

Jon: I think that Anthony's attraction to Celtic work is the rhythm of it, because he's a very rhythmic person.

Does anyone else work here at Resonance, and what do they do?

Anthony and Jon: There's Bedford Barney Brown from Medford tattooing, and Travis Pulver tattooing, and then there's Nino (Jon's younger brother) piercing, tattooing and skateboarding around the shop.

Are there any upcoming events that you want to talk about?

Jon: There's a cool show that we're having for the shop - RedKrog presents the Resonance Tattoo Hardcore Show at the Kings Club in Centereach, NY on March 13, doors at 7 p.m. Everyone's going to be there, it'll be all the music we grew up on. Call the shop for more info.

Anything else you guys want to say?

Jon: Ant is a cool business partner and I couldn't have done this without him or without all my friends that have supported me and helped me along the way. I want to give a shout out to all my friends, like Larry from Glassjaw, he's the best kid and I love him. Everyone that hangs out here - the kids that race cars, all the kids who play music, and the kids that can just be themselves and do something real with their lives. Don't give a fuck about anything else but having fun because that's what life is all about.

Anthony: I couldn't have learned to tattoo in any other shop besides ours. Being around Jon has helped me a lot. The experience of working with guys that are really great has been really cool.

391-A Main Street
Center Moriches, NY

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