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Dirty Names :: Rock and Roll Mind Control
Dirty Names
Rock and Roll Mind Control

Whoever said Rock ‘N Roll is dead obviously hasn’t sampled the Dirty Names.The mid-Atlantic region based group takes the foundation of rock we love, but adds their own spin.Their debut EP “Rock and Roll Mind Control” exudes gritty vocals with a rhythmically charged delivery.Their appeal ranges from rockabilly, country, to die hard jam band fans.“I Don’t Care” will instantly win you over with its hearty guitars, forward lyrics, and evidently skilled craftsmanship.“Salt Water Jackie” is carelessly catchy with coy lyrics and a simple twang.The title track “Rock and Roll Mind Control”, along with “Don’t Try” and “Swimming” complete the notable collection of rustic and soulful harmonies.This EP will stick in your head for weeks, only after winning you over with its foot tapping good tunes.

- Kris Melton, Rock Fist Reviews



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April 2011

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