Calabrese :: 13 Hallowe'ens
13 Hallowe'ens
Spookshow Records

Emerging from the graveyards of Phoenix, Arizona, Calabrese's combination of catchy old-school punk rock with B-movie imagery and scream queen samples is clearly influenced by the Misfits. Just as bands such as AFI and Bella Morte obviously nod toward those horror punk legends, Calabrese seems to have no qualms about honoring the undead forefathers of spook rock with songs like "Midnight Spookshow," "Blood In My Eyes" and "Phantasmagoria." You can also detect a little bit of rockabilly in the band's sound – especially on car tributes like "Backseat Of My Hearse" and "Crizila" – which kind of brings to mind Tiger Army and the Nekromantix. All comparisons aside, 13 Hallowe’ens will definitely please fans of both horror films and rock 'n' roll fiending for a new crypt to haunt.

Calabrese will be performing throughout Arizona during May.

- Jonathan Williams (Music Editor)

01. Zombie I
02. Resurrection
03. Death Of Me
04. One Of Us
05. Midnight Spookshow
06. Backseat Of My Hearse
07. Eyes Down
08. Shrunken Head Kids
09. Evening
10. Blood In My Eyes
11. Every Day’s A Funeral
12. Crizila
13. Phantasmagoria

May 2005

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