by Clint Liquor
Photos by Chuck B.

Gary Yoxen, Captain Dave Parker and Jim Stacy are the new owners of the Star Bar in Atlanta.

The Star Bar in Little 5 Points has been a favorite local watering hole and music venue for over 10 years. Longtime owners Marty Nolan and David Heany cultivated the community bar into an Atlanta landmark, known for good music and great spirits. But now, they have passed the torch and sold the place to some new proprieters. Not to fear, though. The three new owners are, in their own respects, icons and legends of the Atlanta scene, as well as PRICK.

Gary Yoxen, formerly of the bands Time Bomb 77 and the X-Impossibles to name a few, and Tornado/ Black Cat Tattoo fame is one of the new owners. Jim Stacy, also of Black Cat Tattoo fame, as well as musical notoriety in Greasepaint, Grand Moff Tarkin and as Shitty Claus in the seasonal band, Yule Log, is a partner. Rounding the trio is Captain Dave Parker, who is a known bad ass drummer for the likes of 7 Foot Politic, Gargantua, Greasepaint and as Tater Tot in Yule Log with partner Jim. He was also the first winner of the coveted "Ink of the Month" spotlight in PRICK.

The new owners got matching Star Bar tattoos by Phil Colvin (Urban Tribe).

All three new owners have appeared in this magazine in their various bands. Each of them has supported PRICK in some way or another since issue #1 so now, let's all show them some love in their latest venture. Will all of our continued support, the Star Bar will remain a favorite Atlanta hang out. Gary, Jim and Dave are already doing their part to revamp the party worn bar with the vigor of proud new parents. Do your part and go throw back a few shots and enjoy some fine live music.

The Star Bar is still the landmark venue it has become known for, and most of the faces behind the bar remain the same. The only difference is that now three of the guys that used to be regular patrons and entertainers there, are now your hosts. What could be more fitting? Support your community bar and buy some beers and don't forget to tip the friendly bartenders. Check out some of their tatts too!

The Star Bar is located at 437 Moreland Ave (L5P), Atlanta. Call 404.681.9018 for more information or directions.

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