by Jenn Alexander
From the October 2007 issue of PRICK Magazine.

Theo and The Skyscrapers is comprised of Theo Kogan on vocals, Sean Pierce on guitar, keys, and programming, and Chris King on drums and percussion. All three members stand above six and a half feet tall, hence the name, The Skyscrapers. Kogan (previously of rock band The Lunachicks) and Pierce (previously of The Toilet Boys) started working on music together a few years back. After Kogan recorded a solo album, the pair met King and The Skyscrapers were born.

TATS play it up with experimental electronic sounds and peppy but somewhat dark girly vocals. When asked why the big change in music styles from the members previous endeavors, they said it was inevitable. For Kogan, she felt like it was time to grow and change. Leaving the Lunachicks was like leaving family, and she couldn't make the same music with another band.

Sean Pierce on guitar
Theo Kogan
Chris King on drums

When asked what their least favorite part of the music industry is, TATS' answers were unanimous. There's too much "hurry up and wait," and having to do back flips for record sales due to the illegal downloading and burning of music. The band has just released their second album So Many Ways to Die, and are also working on an ongoing project with director Rob Roth called "Screen Test." It's a multimedia experience with part theater, dance, video, and avant-garde live performance.

While talking with the band, they were all very personable and friendly. From backstage to onstage they have a transformation that is almost indescribable. Kogan is as stunning in person as she is in her photos, and has a style all her own. Flashing, strobe-like lights started immediately, and after a brief "Red Rum" experience from Kogan, the dancing and singing began. She somehow seemed to keep her vocals right on while twirling, jumping, and spinning at a fast pace. At times she possessed strange doll like moves, especially when she placed herself on a lighted pedestal. It was hard to tell if it was all performance, or if maybe she was a little bit crazy. The boys were placed on each side of her, and rocked out on their instruments in the shadows.

Outside of the music world, Theo Kogan has been a familiar face over the past couple of years starring as model and actress. The newest addition to her resume is makeup. From a girl who "likes drag" and has frustrations of not being able to find a nice black lip-gloss, Kogan is launching her own brand called Armor cosmetics.

When Kogan was asked to be on Miami Ink, she turned it down. She gets tattoos that she likes whether they mean something or not, and she doesnít want to explain what they all mean to someone. Itís obvious that this girl gets tattooed for herself and for herself alone. She will not let people take individual photographs of her tattoos anymore because people copy them. She is covered with work from many artists, including Timothy Hoyer from New York Adorned who did her forearms, and Mike Ledger out of Hawaii who did her upper right arm. When asked what her future tattoo plans were she said, "I wish I had more arms," which was followed by, "I don't want tattoo socks."

Pierce and King have tattoo collections of their own. King's eagle is by Rich Muller out of High Roller Tattoo in Hicksville, N.Y. Eric Alvino from Tatlantis in Las Vegas did the other ninety percent of his work. Pierce's right arm and back were done by Beth at All Inked Up in Wilmington, Del., his left arm by Chops. The rest of his artists, however, are anyone's guess. He "gets tattooed more for the story than the artist." One story in particular is his one tattoo regret, the tiny beauty mark on his face. After the tattoo artist was working on it for about 20 minutes, he started to get a little worried. Also, he has a couple of unfinished pieces - one on his leg that he has had the outline for years, and the one on his back which he will never get finished, because "it hurt."

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