by Jonathan Williams
Photos by Evil Jim
From the September 2005 issue of Prick Magazine.

New Jack and Axl Rotten.
Tara Bush being choked by Pryme Tyme Amy Lee. Tai "Killer" Weed is the
guest referee.

Women's Extreme Wrestling and Extremely Hardcore Wrestling both came to EarthLink Live in Atlanta on Aug. 20 for "One Night Of Insanity." The WEW event featured plenty of hair pulling and T&A by former WWE and ECW personalities such as Jazz, Francine and Jackie Gayda. While some of the matches were more action packed than others, there was no shortage of eye candy in the form of referees and wrestlers alike. After a successful title defense by Jazz against "F.B.I." Angel Orsini that concluded with a locker-room-emptying brawl, it was time for the debut of Extremely Hardcore. The men's action was much faster paced for the most part and featured respected names such as Mikey Whipwreck, "The Enforcer" CW Anderson and "Rottweiler" Rodney Begnaud (formerly known as Rodney Mack). The highlights of the night were a match between Diamond Dallas Page and Justin Credible (DDP won) and a hardcore main event that left New Jack and Murder One bleeding profusely after defeating Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney.

Look for the Extremely Hardcore event on pay-per-view in September and October, and the WEW event on pay-per-view in December.

Tai "Killer" Weed doing her
smokeout dance.
Lollipop getting up off the mat.

Former ECW champion Justin Credible on top of former WCW
champion Diamond Dallas Page.
DDP gets ready to put the
Diamond Cutter on Justin Credible.

So Cal Val cheers on Jazz in a
successful title defense.
Talia Madison covers Lollipop.

Axl Rotten gets ready to pummel New Jack.
Axl Rotten takes the hardcore
action outside the ring with New Jack.

Referee Isis.

New Jack.
DDP and Justin Credible.

Talia Madison pulls the hair of Lollipop.

For more information, go to www.wextremew.com.

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